Skullduggery Island Full Walkthrough

Hi, Skullduggery Island was released to the public not too long ago, and I’m glad I’ve solved it. Anyway, this island will not have a video walkthrough from me, but I’ll tell you in words. How to defeat Captain Crawfish will be in Extra Help.

1. Go to the right, go up the bridge and talk to the woman there. She will say that she dropped a coin in the river. To get it, go down the bridge, go to the left and get the doubloon. After that, go to the right and climb up the cliff. Go into the big house and walk to the right. Talk to the governor. He will show you a parchment with most of the words missing.

2.  Exit the house and go to the general store which is on the main street, on the left of the bridge. Go to the inventory and use your coin. You will obtain a bag of feed. Then climb onto the shelf and click on the broken mirror. She will say that you can have it since it is broken. Go out of the store, and walk to the left until you see a man with chickens. Use your bag of feed and he will give you a chicken to repay your kindness. After that, cross the bridge. There will be a man with some crops that are badly infested with insects. Just use your chicken. It will eat up the bugs and he will give you a special candle. Go back to the house on the cliff, and use your candle in front of the governor. You can then read the text. You should read it so as to get a good idea of what the island is about. After that, leave the house. Go to the right side and talk to the woman at the bottom who lost her husband. Then climb back up the cliff, go down the left side, and cross the bridge again.

3. This is the real start of the journey. Go to the telescope at the left side of the island, in the tower which you have to climb up. Control the telescope to go to the left. It will stop automatically once you see a raft. Click on the broken mirror. It will reflect light to signal to the raft. He will reply, and after that he will dock at the jetty. He says that you can have his raft.

4. With that, leave the jetty and go to the first island, at the top right hand corner of the map. This is Bouffant Bay, the easiest island to get the part of the map. But mind that you don’t get sucked into the whirlpools or get struck by the lightning clouds! If you find some stuff floating in the sea, go and get it to fill your inventory and get money. Sell everything you have at the trading port, and buy all the medicine you can afford. After that, go talk to the second pirate nearest to the jetty. He will tell you about the 3-1-2 Hanging Fern way. That means you have to go to the right, jump and knock the third, first, then second ferns. From the second fern, the first map will fall. Get the map, and leave the place.

5. Go to the next island, which is on the right side of the map. This is parrot port. Over here, sell all your medicine and buy either spice or silk. Note that the cheaper one doesn’t always give you more in return, but if one is 28 or more, don’t buy it! After that, go into the Pirate’s Pub or something like that, and get the cracker which is at the top left hand corner of the building. Note that you can employ someone over here, the Navigator who will increase the speed of your boat, but most likely you won’t have 12,000 doubloons yet so move along out of the place. Go left, and click on the red parrot sitting on a barrel. It will tell you to jump into the sea and find it. So, do as it says and then climb up the roof with the straw. Jump to the next one, and Polly is there. Click on it again. It will tell you to clog the vent and find it. So, via the rooftops, jump onto the chimney to clog it, then go right, and jump onto the tree where Polly is. Click on Polly again. It will tell you to find a pirate that it knows. So, go left via the rooftops and go to the old tower on the left side of the Parrot Port. There is a pirate standing up there. Click on him. Then use your cracker to get Polly. Then click on him, and he will give you the map. Now, leave the island!

6. Go to the island on the bottom right corner now, Golden Harbour. If you meet pirates, just dodge their cannons. You can’t shoot, because your raft doesn’t have any cannon. When you get there, sell your spice or silk and before you buy some grain, go to the bank and get a loan. Get the max, because you will need 3000 doubloons to buy the next boat. Then, buy as much grain as you can before going to get the map. On the engraving above a doorway, you have to switch on the first, second and fourth lights. To do this, switch on the fifth light first, then the third, then the fourth, followed by the second, and finishing with the first.The map will come down from the doorway.

7. Go to the Pirate Outpost, on the left of the map. Mind the pirates as this is the longest and most dangerous route! Make sure you go up and then left for at the bottom-left is Skullduggery, where Captain Crawfish is roaming. Dock quickly and go trade with the man. Sell your grain and buy as many spices as possible. Then, go t the left, left, and left, jump out of the water onto land, go high up by the cannon, keep jumping higher, and when you get to the hanging platform with the balls, jump to the right. Talk to the pirate, and he will give you a clue to obtaining the map. Go up to the house, jump onto the roof, go to the chimney, and on the platform to the left there is a cannon starter pack. Get it, the go to the left so you fall, and slightly to the left is a barrel of explosives. Push it down,  and fall with it. It will land on the cannon. Push it into the water, and continue pushing until it is right below the golden tooth. Then, swim back to shore and shoot the cannon. The barrel will blow up, the cavity will drop and you can get the map. Then, leave the island and go to the Dragon Cove, at the top-left corner of the map.

8. Ever heard of Dragon Boat? That’s ‘cos this is where you upgrade your raft to a boat. Go into the water on the island and step on the head of the statue. The tail will rise, and on it, there is a mallet. Get the mallet, then push the person fishing to the right, until he reaches the bottom of the stairs, just in front of the barrel. Then, use the mallet to ring the bell. The man will catch a fish and you will get the portion of the map in its mouth. After that, go to the trading post and sell your spices and buy your silk. And if the silk costs more than 17, you can go into the next room and come out again. You can keep doing this till you’re satisfied. Then go into the room on the right of the trading post, if you have over 3000 doubloons. You can then buy a boat, the Jimmy Rigger. Go out and at the trading post, buy more silk.

9. Next you will now go back to the Bouffant Bay. Make sure you upgrade your ship, and get some crew members if you have the money. As soon as possible, return the money from the Golden Harbour. The best way to trade is in the clockwise circle, and I will give you a description below.

Trade Route

Bouffant Bay: Buy Medicine and Sell Silk (Buy Cargo Master here for 15000 Doubloons)

Parrot Port: Buy Spice/Silk and Sell Medicine (Buy Navigator here for 12000 Doubloons)

Golden Harbour: Buy Grain and Sell Spice/Silk (can get a loan here)

Pirate Outpost: Buy Spices and Sell Grain (Buy Cannon Man [I can't remember his name] here for 20000 Doubloons)

Dragon Cove: Buy Silk and Sell Spices (Upgrade boat/ship here, and buy the fixer for 20000 Doubloons [I can't remember his name either])

Prices of boats/ships:

Jimmy Rigger: 3000

Carabelle: 9000

Sea Sultan: 30 000

Koi: 90 000

Steaming Fury: 300 000

Phoenix Warbird: 1 000 000


Once you get 1 million, don’t bother trading anymore. Go directly to Dragon Cove and buy the Phoenix Warbird. Then go to the bottom left corner of the map. Battle Captain Crawfish, and for a guide about how to battle Captain Crawfish, go to the Extra Help tab. Once you are done, go back to the Mainland in the middle of the map. Speak to the Governor in the house on the cliff again, and he will give you the map and the bone shovel. Go to Skullduggery Island which has a very small dock so look out for it on the left of the island. Get out of the ship and go right.

Swim in the water on the right. You will come to land. Look for the black flag. Walk a little to the right. As long as you walk to the right, and not directly below the flag or to the left, you can use your shovel to dig up the treasure.

Enjoy the ending of the island, because that is the last thing that you actually have to do there.


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  1. this island is so hard im on my like 50th day and i found this walkthrough i have like 15000 doubleoons help!!!

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