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Hi, everyone!

For those of you who were so kind to like the Facebook Page when it was available, thank you so much. Here’s the new Facebook Page so you can continue to get blog updates:

For those who want to stay updated to the blog, why don’t you go and give the page a like? I would appreciate it a whole lot!

The Facebook page will be used to give updates every time I finish posting anything on this blog. Also, it can be used for general discussion.

Hopefully this time the page will not get removed!

Besides that, I have set up an email account for this blog. So all questions can be sent to OK, that’s enough blog admin for today. See you soon!

The Poptropican

Got a question? Then you just need to ask. Plus: Vampire’s Curse Island

Dear readers,

Any time when you have a question, you just need to pop it into the comments section of “Ask The Experts”. I will answer all questions posted into that section. Hence, if you have any questions regarding Poptropica and you would like some help, I’ll do my best to answer. As an example to the kind of help I am able to give: There was someone on Yahoo Answers who wanted to know how to get off Vampire’s Curse Island after completing it. Some of you may find that really simple, but I did make a video to help him/her anyway. In fact, if you have the same question, it’s here.

But moving on to a more important matter: Vampire’s Curse Island Walkthrough

And here it is.

Also, I would like to post an update on when I update the blog.

Monday is a free day for me, so I’ll be able to update the blog a lot unless I have to study for an exam.

Tuesday is a day when I have to stay back in school so provided I have homework, I cannot update the blog on Tuesdays.

Wednesday is a CCA day (I’m in Table Tennis) so no time for the blog either.

Thursday is a free day so I can update the blog.

Fridays are more complicated, as I have table tennis training on alternate Fridays so I’ll be free on some Fridays; on others I’ll not.

Saturday is a rest day!

Sunday is a half-rest day, and I can update the blog later in the day unless I have exams coming up.

So generally, check back to the blog on Mondays, Thursdays, certain Fridays and most Sundays (or Tuesdays, Fridays, certain Saturdays and most Mondays, depending on where in the world you live). I hope 3 days per week is satisfactory! But I’ll do my best to keep the blog updated.

So I end this post now. I invite all to ask any questions if needed on the “Ask the Experts” page (although there are no experts, but I like the name still). Also, do go to the “Polls” page to do the polls and suggest some new polls as well! Thank you so much for visiting this blog.

The Poptropican

Images for Enjoyment!

Dear Poptropicans,

I just realised it’s past the 3rd anniversary of the blog. It was supposed to be on June 29. To make up for it, I uploaded a new blog header (which remains until the end of August) and I also made a new wallpaper which you can find under ‘Images’.

There’s nothing much to celebrate this year, apart from the blog living on. Very soon, this site shall be up to date again. By the end of August, all the island walkthroughs should be out and perhaps Lunar Colony Island will be on Poptropica too! That’s definitely something to look forward to. Apparently, you get to go in a rocket to outer space (probably the moon) and from colony, I guess you’ll find aliens? The trailer looks mighty impressive, and I have embedded it for your convenience.

As in the last post, please go to the polls page and kickstart the polls that are already there! Also, you can suggest new polls under the comments section and your idea might be chosen for a new poll! Do leave a comment about the new blog header and wallpaper if you like. I accept all criticism or positive comments.

It’s the 3rd year of the blog and look where it has come! A total of over 33000 hits, averaging to about 31 hits a day! There are more now, but the numbers are lower because in 2009 I had hardly any hits at all. So thank you for your continued support of The Poptropican.

Got an idea for the blog? Leave a comment under the Feedback section of this blog.

Thank you and see you soon! :)
The Poptropican

Back From a Break (Still having Facebook Page Troubles Though)

Hi, everyone!

As many of you might know, I’ve taken a very long break from Poptropica. These breaks are actually good, because it keeps me looking forward to checking back. And my, has Poptropica changed! There’s a new map, so many new islands… It’s going to keep me busy for a few days posting new walkthroughs to the islands. In fact, I’ve just posted a new walkthrough for S.O.S. Island. It was quite a lengthy process. The first time, I played it through to actually solve the island. The second time was to make sure I remembered how to solve the island before making the video. That was done yesterday. The third time, I had HyperCam 2 recording my steps. But somewhere in the middle, I got stuck so I paused the video and played around a bit. However, I actually got through, and I hadn’t recorded that bit, so I had to restart the island.

Playing it the fourth time, I got through the entire island. But when I played the video (which was 30GB large), I found that the video was messed up, at 3x the normal speed. So I slowed the video down in Movie Maker and then the video got too choppy.

I had to do it a fifth time. Almost to the end of the island, HyperCam crashed and my video was not saved, hence I had to do it a sixth time. Finally, I got it done. The AVI itself is 23 GB (normally it would be about 6GB but I disabled compression in the hope of getting better video quality) but when I edited it in Movie Maker and saved it, the WMV was just 225 MB. Audio is disabled (since Poptropica hasn’t got any audio to speak of, and my voice sounds stupid on my laptop mic).

But now that the video has been uploaded, here it is:

And despite having Facebook Page troubles (for those who haven’t read previous posts, the Facebook Page for the blog was deleted for some reason), that’s actually the reason that I came back to the blog and started updating again. So I thank Facebook for being so annoying as to delete my page. (But if I could have it back please, that would be great.)

There’s a new page to mark the “new” year (as in it’s my first time back with Poptropica in 2012) called “Polls”. Please try out the polls! It won’t take you a minute!

I’ll be busy trying to update the blog while keeping up with my homework, so bear with me while I try and catch up with the progress Poptropica has made. See you soon!

The Poptropican

Ghost Story Island Walkthrough

Welcome back, Poptropicans!

After a long time, I’ve finally made a new walkthrough to add to the list. I know, this island has been out for a while, so I’ll try to post new walkthroughs in a few weeks.

Also, the PCB section shall be removed. In time to come, I shall start a new Poptropica Polls page where I will post some polls for you brilliant Poptropicans to do! But before that, here is the vid.

More to come in a few weeks! :) And hopefully, the Facebook page issue will be resolved.

Facebook Page Shut Down

Dear readers, sorry for not updating in a very, very long time. This post is to hopefully get the Facebook Admins to get the site’s facebook page back up, since it was taken down for no reason whatsoever. I do not see how what I have posted on facebook infringes copyright, since they are just updates on posts on this blog. Also, I definitely own this blog, so there is no reason either why I can’t represent this blog with a Facebook Page.

I hope that the Facebook Page will be up soon, otherwise the blog will not have a facebook page.

I’m still alive by the way, and I’ll try and post island walkthroughs this September, when I have my holidays.

See you soon! :)

Note from the Admin

Hi, Poptropicans!

As I am now in Secondary School, I do have less time to update this blog which I built from scratch when I was in Primary 4 in 2009. Hence, I will not be posting updates quite so frequently as I used to before PSLE. I will however continue to post walkthroughs on YouTube and this blog, as though Poptropica has taken a back seat in my life right now, it has not disappeared.

Soon, I will be making a walkthrough for Ghost Story Island, since I am a non-member and cannot access it yet. If you are a member, you can try Poptropica Secrets’ walkthrough to guide you. Conversely, why not try the island on your own first? My walkthrough will be ready in about a week or so after the island is released, depending on how busy my schedule is, so please bear with me. Thank you for reading this blog and see you soon!

Ivan Wong


The Poptropican